Sex Education in Schools
Band-Aid Solution to Teen Pregnancy?

A recent report by the NHS says that new forms of sex education are needed in schools to make young teenagers aware of the need for condoms and other forms of contraception. This is in order to bring down the high levels of teen pregnancy in the UK - among the highest in Europe - and sexually transmitted infections.

Social commentator and chairman of 2020Plus, Mal Fletcher says: 'Relying on easy access to condoms and morning-after pills to bring down the unacceptably high levels of teen pregnancy is like relying on a band-aid to reduce the spread of cancer.'

'Yes, using condoms will help keep pregnancy and STDs down, but it won’t dissuade very young people from having sex in the first place, which is surely the more important issu e.'

Interview w/ Jon Bellamy, Cross Rhythms Radio UK

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