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The most urgent question for every leader is this: 'What kind of city do you want to be living in 10 years from now - and what will you do now to set that in motion?' - Mal Fletcher | Chairman 2020Plus
21 February

2020Plus Civic Leadership Event - Norwich

Shaping a better future for Norwich and beyond... Empowering & equipping civic leaders in business, local government, the third sector & more to provide a catalyst for positive change
in the city.

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Building on the success of the first event of its kind earlier this year, the 2020Plus Leadership Event in Norwich will help civic leaders, in local and regional government, business, education, public services, media, charities and more, to:

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  • Identify major challenges facing your city in the decade ahead
  • Proactively engage likely social change before it occurs
  • Establish a culture of innovation within hubs of creativity
  • Network with like-minded, community-focused and resourceful leaders
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue for positive change
  • Strategically shape a better future for the community

Special Guest: Mal Fletcher, respected social futurist, global leadership speaker, author, broadcaster.

Focus: "Building Hubs of Innovation: Establishing an Innovation Ecosystem"

In the IT-Bio-Nano Age, the future belongs to enterprises and communities that create Innovation Ecosystems, in which both culture and infrastructure not only support creativity but actively draw it out. Change is multiplying exponentially and the key to influence is no longer the size of our information base, but our ability to innovate and to do so with speed. The City of Norwich has long had an underlying culture of pragmatic innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. It's time to bring that culture to the fore. These sessions will help business leaders create magnets for innovation and provide civic leaders with strategic ideas to unlock latent creativity in the community. They will provide a catalyst for strategies that attract entrepreneurs and problem-solvers to your enterprise.

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Hosted by: The Space.