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2020Plus Civic & Business
Leadership Event - Berlin

The New Leadership for Industry 4.0 and Beyond

The most urgent question for every leader is this: 'What kind of city do you want to be living in 10 years from now - and what will you do now to set that in motion?' - Mal Fletcher | Chairman 2020Plus

Berlin is poised to become a European hub for the digital economy, the health economy, mobility, energy and technology - and more.

Playing a prime role in these areas requires a new and bold brand of leadership, which moves beyond the normal metrics of management and boldly creates cultures that focus on exceptions rather than norms.

The second 2020Plus Civic and Business Leadership Event in Berlin will help civic leaders, in local and regional government, business, education, public services, media, charities and more, to:

  • Identify the major leadership skills required for Industry 4.0 and beyond
  • Discuss change issues with like-minded, resourceful leaders in academia, business, the start-up culture and civic leadership
  • Proactively engage likely technological and social changes before they occur
  • Establish cultures in which invention is normal
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue for positive change

Special Guest: Mal Fletcher, respected social futurist (BBC, Sky, ABC etc), global leadership speaker and writer, author, broadcaster.

Hosted by: Futureminded Group.

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‘The future is not a product of technology or events, but of human choices. Those choices are based in large part on the cultures leaders create.’
Mal Fletcher, Chairman, 2020Plus.

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