The Trump and Corbyn Common Factor

THE TRUMP & CORBYN COMMON FACTOR: For all their many differences in political ideology, public style and personal behavior, Donald Trump & Jeremy Corbyn have one thing in common. 
Perhaps even more than most politicians, they're likely to tell us what we want to hear, in order to build a support base.
Populism, in its true sense, is not limited to one side of politics. 
Its biggest problem is that it lacks authenticity and a willingness to make pragmatic compromises to get things done.
Yes, populist political leaders do sometimes accomplish things, even important things.
We may applaud the fact that they seem willing to break with tradition. 
However,  in the long run, by indulging them we may pay a high price in terms of our ability to trust the political and social systems that produced them, or at least accommodated their rise.  

© Copyright with Mal Fletcher

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