Facebook Gets A Free Pass

FACEBOOK GETS FREE PASS. While the EU imposes GDPR on the rest of us, to protect privacy, it allows Fakebook (aka Facebook) a free pass on massive abuses of personal data. 
Then, when the EU calls Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in for questioning, MEPs spend most of the allotted time listening to themselves. 

In the EU session, why were questions not tabled in advance, allowing for follow-up questions in the session? This would at least have allowed the Zuck to feel some heat.
The first question Mr Zuckerberg should have faced is this: Do you still believe that, as you've famously stated, "privacy is dead"? 
Everything else hangs on that.
It is time for regulators to clamp down on Facebook - and, while they're at it, Google. 
It's way past time for social media consumers to take down their accounts on platforms that openly and boldly share, sell or otherwise compromise personal privacy and security.

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