Too Quick To March?

TOO QUICK TO MARCH? I'm no advocate for or against Mr Trump, but wonder how many who organised yesterday's marches -  as distinct from the participants - were primarily protesting against the US election result rather than for women's rights.

Of course, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive and the right to protest is a core tenet of democracy. Yet protesting one thing under the guise of another - if that is what happened - doesn't necessarily promote helpful  debate. It can merely reinforce stereotypes which limit interaction and the constructive sharing of ideas.
While Mr Trump's comments about women in the recording revealed during the presidential campaign are totally indefensible, for some of the more radical (and energised) protest organisers of protest movements, a rejection of any part of their particular rights agenda equals a rejection of rights altogether. 
People are entitled to march but perhaps sometimes we should wait to see what a new office holder will do, what direction he/she takes in office, before protesting. 

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