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2020Plus is a London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation, helping business, communities and individuals to deal proactively with future change. Chairman: Mal Fletcher, social futurist & commentator, keynote speaker & broadcaster.

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We work to make sense of change; with research & comment on major social issues ranging from family & youth issues, to privacy, autonomy & more.   ›› Click here for more info.


We offer world-class resources to equip future-minded leaders & teams for long-view strategic influence.
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UK Election Debate - Why Is British Politics So Fragmented?

UK Election Debate - Why Is British Politics So Fragmented? Tonight's seven-way election debate probably didn’t do much to sway opinions about the British political elites. Predictably, the leaders of the smaller and regional parties spoke passionately and, for the most part well, about their particular concerns. They had the luxury, though, of having no national record to defend. Nick Clegg attempted to set up the LibDems as the balancing force between Tory cuts and Labour spending, with one eye on a possible future coalition. David Cameron did not clearly lose the debate - or his cool - as some felt he might. And Ed Miliband didn't storm the barricades, choosing to focus on specific policy issues rather than providing a captivating vision for the prefered future. Whomever the pundits now deign to be the best performers, the event did un... click here to read the full editorial
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Big Data, Big Collaboration, Big Wisdom

Big Data, Big Collaboration, Big Wisdom What do NASA, Lego and President Obama have in common? In their respective areas of leadership, they all demonstrated an early appreciation for the mass collaboration culture inspired by the internet. Some years ago, NASA started enlisting thousands of helpers it refers to as ‘Click Volunteers’.  These people, operating mostly from their personal computers at home, are playing a small but important role in building NASA’s information base. They help NASA map the surfaces of planets and the movement of stars through the night skies. Lego was at first wary of internet users who virally promoted their own peculiar reconfigurations of its Mindstorms robot kits. Gradually, the toy giant came to realise that these enthusiasts were ... click here to read the full editorial
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Do Peitions Make Any Difference?

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TV ELECTION DEBATE REVEALS LIMITED CHOICE Thursday night’s British election debate proved again how few...Read more

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