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2020Plus is a London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation, helping business, communities and individuals to deal proactively with future change. Chairman: Mal Fletcher, social futurist & commentator, keynote speaker & broadcaster.

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We work to make sense of change; with research & comment on major social issues ranging from family & youth issues, to privacy, autonomy & more.   ›› Click here for more info.


We offer world-class resources to equip future-minded leaders & teams for long-view strategic influence.
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Paris Attacks 13/11 - Defeating Intellectual Fascism

Paris Attacks 13/11 - Defeating Intellectual Fascism On Saturday November 14 last year, much of the world woke to the terrible news that Paris had suffered its worst terrorist attack.    One year ago today, nine young zealots, born in Europe but radicalised and trained in the cauldron of Syria’s civil war, brought death to 130 people and injury to 368 more. Most of their victims were part of their own generation and were simply looking for a Friday night’s entertainment.    The French president called the attacks, the deadliest in his country since World War 2, “an abomination”. Clearly shaken by their speed and ferocity, he immediately declared a state of emergency, closing France’s borders. The next morning, while ISIS terrorists in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were no doubt shouting "death to the infidel", people across much of t... click here to read the full editorial
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3 Big Techs You Need To Know In 2016

3 Big Techs You Need To Know In 2016 If you were a school teacher grading the performance of some of the most promising technologies of 2015, you’d have to mark an ‘unsatisfactory’ beside some very big players. One year ago, augmented reality was expected to emerge near the top of the class for the year ahead. It failed miserably. You can pick up Google Glass, or any of its derivatives, for a song on eBay. In short, this was because few people felt any emotional connection with these devices and saw no unique value-add with the technology itself. We’re still too emotionally invested in our smartphones and their constantly evolving world of apps. There were not enough things AR wearables could do that a smartphone could not. Much the same could be said for weara... click here to read the full editorial
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Will Robots Threaten Our Future?

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