Members of the 2020Plus team have had more than 20 years experience in producing, presenting, researching and writing for TV and radio programmes and new media projects.

This, combined with our ongoing research into social shifts and issues, gives us a unique perspective on the social impact of media and new media.

Members of the team have worked on programmes featured on, for example, the Seven TV Network (Australia), the Nine TV Network (Australia), SABC1 TV (South Africa), TVDenmark and BBC Radio 4.

This is in addition to the extensive social futurism and social commentary work undertaken by Mal Fletcher over many years. (See Social Comment for more.)


'The Human Face of HIV/AIDS'
Trailer from 'Edges' TV series.

1. Edges

  • 30 min magazine-style TV documentaries dealing with topical social issues
  • Major Broadcasters have included: 7 Network (Australia), 9 Network (Australia), TV Denmark, FamilyNet (USA), SABC1 (South Africa)
  • 7 series produced over 12 years, 1997-2008. Featuring more than 70 shows in total.
  • Target Audience: 25-40 years
  • Presented by Mal Fletcher, produced by Next Wave International.
  • Featured subjects include: Fuelling the Future, The Genetics Revolution, Branding & Celebrity, Terrorism, Euthanasia, Nanotechnology, Globalisation, Credit and Debt, Bio-Technology

2. Catalyst

A new series of TV programmes featuring interviews with respected activist and campaigners who are making a difference through their drive, vision and selflessness.

3. Guest Appearances

Mal Fletcher has been a featured guest on many news, current affairs and factual programmes including:

  • UK: BBC World News, BBC Breakfast TV, Sky TV News, Press TV, etc
  • Australia: Tonight Live, 7 Network; Good Morning - Nine Network; Open House, Sydney radio etc.


Mal Fletcher has featured in radio programming for:

  • UK: BBC Radio5Live, Radio 4 BBC regional radio programmes, Premier Radio and more.
  • Australia: Programming on 3MP, 3AW, 3DB, 2UE, LifeFM, Sunshine FM and many others.

Over the years, Mal has written and presented scores of special Motivational Spots for radio. These are syndicated on radio in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Listen to a sample now:

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