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2020Plus is a London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation, helping business, communities and individuals to deal proactively with future change. Chairman: Mal Fletcher, social futurist & commentator, keynote speaker & broadcaster.

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We work to make sense of change; with research & comment on major social issues ranging from family & youth issues, to privacy, autonomy & more.   ›› Click here for more info.


We offer world-class resources to equip future-minded leaders & teams for long-view strategic influence.
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Robots Are Great - But They Can't Empathise!

Robots Are Great - But They Can't Empathise! "I call him religious who understands the suffering of others," wrote Mahatma Gandhi. We might fairly substitute for "religion" the word "human". Academics from two British universities are part of an international team to develop social robots for work in UK aged care homes. The so-called “Pepper” robots are being manufactured by Softbank, the group which has provided similar machines to care facilities throughout Japan. As a social futurist who is constantly researching changes in technology and attitudes to it, I know the awesome power of modern machines. Much is now written about machine (or artificial) intelligence, yet one big question remains. Can robots develop emotional intelligence and particularly the ability to empathise? A few years ago, Sony couldn’t get a robot to walk. Now robots can run, climb stairs ... click here to read the full editorial
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Brexit Demands Leadership, Not Just Management

Brexit Demands Leadership, Not Just Management “I cannot give you a formula for success,” said Herbert Bayard Swope, “but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: try to please everybody.”  Rarely in its recent history has the UK needed leadership that’s aware of that maxim as much as it does right now. In the lead-up to Brexit negotiations and the inevitable emotional, economic and political highs and lows they will produce, this country needs bold leadership. I mean leadership as distinct from political management. Of course, leadership and management are both valuable assets in times of potentially seismic change. However, only leadership will facilitate a proactive, inclusive, reassuring and empowering move toward the future. As I wrote ... click here to read the full editorial
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Why Facebook Gets Us Down

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